MAI a threat to Canadian culture

The Arts Beat

By Elynn Wareham

Is the head of Canadian culture under the blade of a guillotine? It could be, as 29 of the world’s richest countries meet behind closed doors in France to discuss the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.

If the agreement is signed next spring, the erosion of Canadian culture could result from an attempt to promote global investment. To please investors in countries like the United States, that are opposed in principle to excessive government subsidies, Canada may have to soften some of its traditionally strong cultural protections in order to preserve regulations and subsidies in other policy areas. read more

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Midget hockey tournament loses fan-power to storm

By Andrew Seymour
Mother nature proved to be the enemy of the 33rd annual Hull Kiwanis Midget Hockey Tournament.

The tournament, which ran from Jan. 6-11, suffered numerous disruptions as a result of the massive ice storm that pounded the Ottawa and Outaouais region. Sticks and equipment for two of the 36 teams competing in the tournament failed to arrive on time, and some games needed to be rescheduled because of power failures. One team had to forfeit its first game of the tournament because it couldn’t get to Ottawa on time. read more

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