No respect for the ref

By Alison Martin

Referees are being verbally abused and their only defence is a whistle and a rulebook.

As the hockey season nears its end, referees are facing higher levels of abuse both on and off the ice.
Criticism of referees is expected because it’s playoff season and controversial calls can determine the outcome of the matches and how teams finish in the standings. read more

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Men’s sledgehockey team wins medal and recognition at Paralympic games

By Lauren McNabb

It came home with a silver, but that’s as good as gold in the eyes of Canada’s National Men’s Sledge Hockey Team.

Although the 2-0 loss to Norway wasn’t what it had hoped for, the team came back from the 1998 Paralympic Games in Nagano, Japan, with more than a silver medal. It came back with recognition.
“It’s never easy to win a silver medal,” says Tom Goodings, coach of the 15-member team. “But we’ve proved something to the rest of the world and to Canada. Next time we’re coming back even stronger.”
The team moved up from its third-place finish at the 1994 Lillehammer games. Now with a silver medal under their belts, Goodings hopes sledge hockey will begin to shine. Despite the 40 to 50 clubs across the country, he says Canadians know very little about the sport. read more

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U.S. is mad for basketball finals

The Sports Beat

By Sweena Rai

It’s ironic that although basketball was invented by a Canadian, the sport has become as American as apple pie.

The U.S. has commercialized basketball not only at the professional level, but at the college level as well.
For basketball fans, March brings one of the most celebrated U.S. sporting events — the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) men’s basketball tournament, also known as March Madness. read more

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