NCC faces public scrutiny once more

November 22, 2002 Hydro plans get government out of hot water Centretown businesses cautiously support the provincial government’s proposed hydroelectricity reforms, but are frustrated that the government didn’t act sooner to prevent soaring prices.

Bridge on budget back burner The Rideau Canal Pedestrian Crossing has been delayed once again, falling victim to a budget full of fee increases and service cuts.

Seniors group lobbying to protect health care A group of Centretown senior citizens have been working overtime in an attempt to save Canadian medicare from the U.S.-style recommendations that they fear the much-anticipated Romanow report, due Nov. 27, will contain.

Ottawa Centre gears up for next election Provincial parties in Ottawa Centre are gearing up for the next election, which may take place as early as next spring.

Councillors favour tree bylaw A proposal that would make cutting down trees on private property a public decision has the support of at least three Ottawa city councillors.

Parent solutions to school budget woes dismissed

Ideas were few and far between at a recent public meeting intended to generate ways to cut more than $18 million from the Ottawa school board budget.

New committee selection system ‘less democratic

Electing committee chairs openly is more democratic than secret ballot elections that promote a secret agenda, says Ottawa Centre MP Mac Harb.

NCC faces public scrutiny once more

The National Capital Commission’s second annual meeting was much like the first last year — discussion ranged from downtown development to the Moffat Farm along with a few new issues thrown in for good measure.

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