Male musicians jam for a good cause

A number of male musicians hit the stage at Barrymore's on Saturday night in support of ending violence against women.

The event, called Men Rocking for Women, wasn't a paid gig for bands Loudlove, Sojourn, Heroes Offer Her or Glass Tiger's Alan Frew. Instead, the performers donated their time and support.

Frew says it's important for men to speak out against violence perpetuated by men.  

"There are some days when I wake up and I'm actually ashamed to be part of the club," says Frew. "But I have to be part of the club, so I try to want to try and educate, work with and guide younger males around me." 

The man who organized the event, Bill  Welychka, isn't a rocker himself. He's the longest-running Much Music VJ who now works at A News in Ottawa.  

Back in his days at Much, Welychka was heavily involved in the White Ribbon Campaign, an initiative lead by men working to end violence against women. When he saw the campaign lacked a presence in Ottawa, Welychka decided to organize the benefit concert.

"This isn't a battle of the sexes night," says Welychka. "It's for guys to admit we're at fault for a lot of things."

Proceeds of the concert will be donated to four women's shelters in Ottawa. Women's shelters across the city are over flooded and often have to turn people away because they do not have enough room.

Welychka hopes the event will not only raise funds for shelters, but will send a strong message to other men.

"If guys hear enough guys denounce acts like that, hopefully there won't be a need for a concert like this."