Elgin Street will be ‘Sens Mile’ during playoffs chase


Coun. Rick Chiarelli introduced a motion Wednesday to officially open Sens Mile on Elgin Street immediately, breaking tradition to support the Ottawa Senators during their current seven game winning streak. 

Typically, the Sens Mile opens once the Senators make the playoffs, but the city agreed to dedicate the street to fans before their team has guaranteed a playoff spot. The Sens Mile is a movement that started in 2007 in which all Senators fans, during games leading up to playoffs, are invited to congregate and cheer their team on along Elgin Street.

The official motion was originally passed by city council in 2010 to show support during the team’s playoff run. Sens Mile is on Elgin Street, between Nepean Street and Gladstone Avenue. Along the route  special signs are put up that are dedicated to the Senators. 

The Senators have won seven straight games in a row and have finally reached the eighth, and last, playoff spot. The Senators were 14 points away from playoff standings in early February. If the team holds onto their spot, it will signify the greatest post-season comeback in the past 20 years of NHL hockey.