Uber calls for Ottawa support ahead of city vote

Ride-sharing service Uber launched a campaign today asking for Ottawa residents’ support ahead of an upcoming city council vote.

The vote, taking place April 13, will determine whether to legalize Uber in Ottawa and if so, how it will be regulated.

As part of the campaign, Uber created the website, action.uber.org/ottawa, asking for signatures on a petition supporting the company. 

It is also asking residents to share personal stories, advocating for the service, with their city councillors.

Edmonton was the first city in Canada to implement Uber regulations, following a city council decision in January this year.

When the Edmonton bylaw legalizing the service was proposed, taxi drivers protested the decision. Similar protests were organized by Ontario taxi drivers at Parliament Hill in February, just weeks after the Edmonton vote.

Taxi drivers argue that Uber is stealing their customers with cheaper fares, even though Uber drivers are not required to have a special license.