Gay film festival shines with diversity

Diversity isn’t a problem at the Making Scenes film festival — it’s a bonus, writes Sally Goldberg.

At first glance, the gay and lesbian community appears to be building its own Tower of Babel.
There are transexuals and bisexuals. There are sadomasochistic lesbians, homosexual couples with families, and confused teenagers, to name a few. They’re all under the same umbrella, all trying to have their voices heard. read more

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Federal bureaucrats have Pablum for brains

Matter of opinion

By Jason Brooks

The trouble with the Canadian government is it isn’t Zellers. The fools who run it think the lowest price should be against the law.

If you’ve visited the baby-food aisle of your local store lately, you may have noticed prices are higher than just a few months ago and there’s now a jarred baby-food monopoly in Canada — thanks to the Canadian government. read more

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The right thing to do

Reform can’t reform itself too much just to attract Tories

By Jojo Ruba

Spring is supposed to be the time that turns young men’s fancy to marriage. It’s also having an affect on one young, reform-minded party.

When Jean Charest announced he would leave the federal Tories to fight Lucien Bouchard in Quebec, Reformers could barely hide their glee. They have been actively campaigning to merge the two parties since the last election. And with the Tory leader gone, that campaign has intensified. read more

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