Man suspected of assault arrested on Preston Street

By Makayla Peacock

Armed police officers surrounded an apartment on Preston Street for close to six hours on Sunday, Feb. 26 as they attempted to arrest a man who was suspected of an assault that happened earlier that afternoon.

The officers believed that the suspect had a gun, so the tactical team was called in for reinforcement.

The initial incident had occurred in the 300 block of Preston Street. Police said they believed the suspect had gone into an apartment at the corner of Preston and Aberdeen, so officers remained stationed there for hours until the suspect was later arrested nearby.

It was the second incident in a year thatled to police being called to the same area. Last April, Ottawa police sought the public’s help in finding out who had bitten a man’s ear and finger off after a fight in the area.

Britt Hesmer, a Preston Street resident who lives a few minutes away from where the incident took place, said she still feels safer living there than in other parts of the city.

“I don’t feel like it’s in a dangerous place,” she said.