25th Hour

From Apples to Alcohol, the story of Ottawa’s first hard cider

Three years ago Pete Rainville left his job as an executive and did what most people only dream of – he turned his hobby into a successful business and created Ottawa’s first homegrown hard cider. Our team went behind the scenes with him to see exactly how this locally produced…

Lux: The Band

This story first aired on The 25th Hour on March 14, 2018 Produced by Micaela Wylie-Arbic, Marika Van Shepen, and Max Nease A group of four female Carleton University music students joined forces this year to form an all-girl rock band called LUX. Each of the women have always dreamt…

Why we march

This story first aired on 25th Hour on March 14, 2018 Produced by Nadine Yousif, Selene Tan, and Hadiah Sakurai Early this year, the city of Ottawa came together in solidarity to march for the rights of all minorities for the second time. The Women’s March Ottawa drew in thousands…

I am Apollo

This story first aired on The 25th Hour on February 7, 2018 Produced by Arvin Joaquin, Jordan Steinhauer, and Atong Ater Words are powerful. They have the ability to shape one’s future. Ottawa poet, Apollo the Child has witnessed this in his own life. Words became his light… His savior….