Yoshi Chladny is a juggler from Ottawa. He has performed in many different parts of the world but has returned home to perform at the Fire and Ice festival, part of this year’s Winterlude. Capital Current was on hand to catch what he was pitching.

Yoshi the Juggler was one of several acts preforming at the intersection of Bank and Lewis Streets on Feb. 8 and 9. [Photo © Declan Da Barp]
Yoshi uses a mix of kerosene and campfire fuel to keep his devil sticks lit in the very cold weather. [Photo © Declan Da Barp]
Yoshi has been a professional juggler for more than 10 years. He trained at the Verdun Circus School in Montreal, where he has also taught. [Photo © Mark Bahensky]
This isn’t Yoshi’s first Winterlude. [Photo © Mark Bahensky]
Yoshi performed on Feb. 8 and 9, when temperatures dropped below -20C. Despite the cold, Yoshi performed without heavy winter wear. [Photo © Mark Bahensky]
Fire was central to his performance this weekend but Yoshi says he juggles everything from cups to swords. [Photo © Declan Da Barp]
A growing crowd stopped to watch Yoshi perform. [Photo © Mark Bahensky]
Yoshi has toured the world performing for large crowds from Iowa to India. Yoshi’s passion came about naturally and when he realized that he could make money juggling he says he ran with it. [Photo © Mark Bahensky]
Yoshi’s performances are very interactive, and he relies on the crowd’s energy. [Photo © Declan Da Barp]
“You kind of just go off what the crowd is feeling,” said Yoshi. [Photo © Declan Da Barp]
“Coming back to Ottawa after I’ve been away and performing and touring abroad it feels a little special because it feels like home,” said Yoshi. [Photo © Mark Bahensky]