Welcome back to the 25th Hour. In the final episode of the Fall 2022 term, we’re turning our focus to the future.

It’s been an unusual, turbulent few years navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. In our previous episode, we inquired if it was time for a reset by taking a look at the impact the pandemic had on life around us, and the changes that it prompted. This time around, our reporters are asking themselves what is changing right now, and what can be done differently as we look ahead.

We settled on the theme of “breaking barriers”, as we all agreed that times are changing. All around us, boundaries are being pushed and ideas are being challenged. The future holds a lot of unknowns, and we decided to explore how and where some of these shifts are occurring.

Our hosts, Emma Perreault and Kajal Dhaneshwari will take you through seven explorations into various barriers that are being broken down, whether it be navigating emerging technology, overcoming personal obstacles, or championing social change.

In this episode: