Mapping Canada’s Organic Producers












By Kristine Walkden & Chris O’Gorman

Ever wondered how many organic farms there are in Canada? Or which provinces have the most?

The fertile corridor between Southwestern Ontario into Quebec are where most of Canadian organic farms are located. British Columbia and the prairies also have an abundance of organic producers. Even the Yukon has six producers, the only territory with organic farms.

Data collected from provincial organic associations and certifying bodies are mapped below.

The data was collected on March 13, 2015. Please visit the provincial organic associations websites for an up-to-date list.

Data from: Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia, Alberta Organic Producers Association, Saskatchewan Organic Directorate, Organic Council of Ontario, Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network, Portail BioQuebec

A comprehensive study on the number of organic farms in Canada has not been conducted since 2006 by Statistics Canada.

According to that study, Saskatchewan has the highest number of organic farms at 1,181. However, these numbers have likely increased over the last nine years.

Data from: Statistics Canada

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