Ottawa’s planning committee has unanimously voted for a proposal to redesignate a plot of land in Kanata to allow the construction of about 100 stacked dwelling units on a private street. 

A report on the proposed amendment to the city’s zoning bylaw was submitted by Derrick Moodie, the city’s director of planning services.

The city is actively encouraging new housing development in a bid to increase supply and improve affordability for people looking for a place to call home.

The 1.18 hectare plot of land at 1158 Old Second Road in Kanata is owned by developer Theberge Homes. 

The land had been rezoned in 2020 with the intention to buidling 47 two-story townhouses, but that idea had failed because of the orientation of hookups to existing city water infrastructure. 

Theberge then had to refund home deposits made in expectation of the original proposal. 

Now, the proposal has been reconfigured to construct eight stacked townhouse units comprising 100 units, and 140 parking spaces. 

In public consultation with residents, concerns were raised about increased density and impacts on the privacy of neighbouring residences as the new buildings would be taller than surrounding single family homes. 

Other concerns included loss of greenspace, but it was noted that the land being rezoned would be done on private land, which was never designated greenspace in the first place.

The report was passed without delegation, and is set to arrive for discussion by city council on May 15.