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Category: Canada Votes 2019

25th Hour

25th Hour: The Green Wave

The Green Wave follows three individuals who have drastically restructured the way they live to try to combat climate change. They use their money, influence and votes to positively impact the environment. We investigate how this global green wave of eco-consciousness influenced the way Canadians took to the polls this past fall. This story first appeared on Carleton’s 25th Hour.
Canada Votes 2019

Fringe candidates claim to face “unfair” obstacles getting message out

Two candidates in Ottawa Centre say they are facing unfair obstacles when trying to reach potential voters. And a Carleton University political scientist says that the exclusion of some candidates from advertised “all-candidates” debates ahead of the Oct. 21 vote has raised a thorny. Several Ottawa Centre candidates were not invited to a recent Carleton University debate, while the People’s...