Maintaining connections to war-torn Ukraine through dance

Kateryna Shepertycka, the artistic director for the Ottawa-based Svitanok Dance Ensemble, has worked hard to preserve and share Ukrainian culture with people all over the world by mentoring the next generation.

The former dancer strives to protect the legacy of Ukrainian dance and ensure that the war-torn country is not forgotten here in Canada.


Produced by: Emma Perreault and Natalia Weichsel

Special thanks to: The Svitanok Dance Ensemble

Additional photos courtesy of: Kateryna Shepertycka

Additional video and photos courtesy of: Kateryna Shepertycka (choreography and artistic direction) as part of the Svitanok Ensemble

Music: In The Beginning, Daddy’s Music 

Pryvitalinij Tanets’ – music composed and arranged by Ihor Iwashchenko. Copyright Virsky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble 

Didukh – music entitled “Podolianochka” – music composed by Serhij Rudej, Copyright Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble