Devotees of the performance art form known as cosplay switch from their ordinary lives into superheroes. Ottawa’s League of Super Heroes is just such a collection of cosplayers who are dedicated to bringing smiles to faces and raising money for children’s charities across the city.

Brizard chose the Red Hood because she likes that the character toes the line between hero and villain. “He’s a hero that doesn’t prescribe by the whole ‘I’m an all good hero’,” she says.
[Photo © Melissa Marchewka]
[Photo © Finn Hogue]
A young fan enthusiastically poses for a photo with members of The League of Super Heroes and the 501st Legion, which shared a booth at Holiday Comiccon. The 501st Legion is an international Star Wars cosplay group. These members are from Ottawa’s Capital City Garrison. [Photo © Finn Hogue]

A storm trooper from Capital City Garrison fondly pats K-9 from Doctor Who.
[Photo © Finn Hogue]
The League of Superheroes loves dressing up and working on behalf of the kids.
“To see the happiness and see how excited children get … it means everything,” says Brizard.
[Photo © Melissa Marchewka]

Logan, Dana and Hudson Scott pose for a picture with Deadpool. Baby Hudson made a quick friend out of Deadpool. [Photo © Melissa Marchewka]

 Alexandra, 5, and Catherine, 3, take a picture with the cosplayers. The League of Super Heroes started allowing princesses into its ranks four months ago. 
“There are different types of heroes, and princesses can be heroes to some people too,” Brizard says. [Photo © Melissa Marchewka
Jean Charbonneau (League member), Brizard (Red Hood) and Ness (Spiderman) talk after Spiderman comes on the scene to relieve Lavoie (Deadpool) from his shift at the table.
[Photo © Finn Hogue]
Captain America’s shield awaits its owner Charbonneau, who who will change into his costume later in the day. [Photo © Finn Hogue]