Wanted: new convention centre

Column: The Business Beat

By Adam Hickman

The NHL All-Star Game is one of the most spectacular events in hockey, and, arguably, all of sports. The entire hockey world watches, as its elite superstars compete for one weekend, in a chosen city.

Thousands of fans are attracted to the host city for the game and festivities. The economic spin-offs from hosting an all-star game are lucrative, as hotels, restaurants, stores and sports bars all benefit.
Unfortunately, Ottawa won’t reap these rewards anytime soon. read more

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Businesses and residents close in on new strategy for Elgin Street

Some participants at a recent workshop voice strong opinions against creating a business improvement area

By Howard Nason

Residents and business owners on Elgin Street are one step closer to finalizing an Elgin Street revitalization plan.

About 20 people, including councillors Elisabeth Arnold and Diane Holmes, attended the latest workshop of the Elgin Street Study on Oct. 8 at St. Bethel Field House on Frank Street. read more

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Film-maker seeks funds for tale of woe

By P.C. Pethick

Whoever said Canadian history is boring never heard Josephine MacFadden tell the story of Ottawa’s enigmatic founder Col. John By.

Col. By was the resourceful military officer overseeing the design and construction of the Rideau Canal between 1828 and 1832, a period marked by extraordinarily harsh conditions. His triumph turned to tragedy when changing tides in England caused the empire to stray away from colonial support. Shortly after completion of the canal, accusations of overspending eventually led to his disgrace in London.
But his contribution to Ottawa won’t go uncelebrated by MacFadden, an Ottawa film and documentary producer. She is currently working on a way to bring the colonel’s tragic story to life in a full-length feature film. read more

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Businesses won’t butt out for bylaw

By Jennifer McCarthy

Some local businesses are having no problem with Ottawa’s new smoking bylaw. They’re choosing to ignore it.

The bylaw came into effect on Oct. 1, and requires all bars and restaurants to designate 70 per cent of their space as non-smoking. The regulations have owners worried about losing smoking customers, but so far they haven’t been chased away. read more

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