Letters for April 11, 1998

Street issue ‘clarified’

I want to thank Gina Harris for her even-handed coverage of the situation on Florence Street regarding the two-way portion that was instituted against the wishes of the street’s residents two years ago.
There are a few things, however, that need clarification. When the owner of the Mailroom says that his decision to establish his business hinged on this change being made, he neglects to mention that there has always been ample access from the lane that runs behind the businesses on Bank Street between Gladstone to Gilmour. Going all the way around, as he says, to come down the one-way on Florence is but one means of approach. People also have the option of parking on Frank Street, directly across from the Mailroom. This is a moot point, however, because I would venture to say that most of his business is walk-in from people living in the neighborhood. read more

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Working toward change

By Victoria Fulford

“Some people play bingo, some people play volley ball or swim. I go to committee meetings.”

This is how Sally Rutherford modestly explains her continuing commitment to the Somerset West community.

While many people spend their free time on other activities, Rutherford chooses to donate hers to the task of neighborhood improvement. read more

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