The right thing to do

Reform can’t reform itself too much just to attract Tories

By Jojo Ruba

Spring is supposed to be the time that turns young men’s fancy to marriage. It’s also having an affect on one young, reform-minded party.

When Jean Charest announced he would leave the federal Tories to fight Lucien Bouchard in Quebec, Reformers could barely hide their glee. They have been actively campaigning to merge the two parties since the last election. And with the Tory leader gone, that campaign has intensified. read more

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GCTC closes record season

By Bonnie Van Toen

The Great Canadian Theatre Company launched its new lineup much like every performance last season—in front of a packed house.

One of the biggest sources of pride this season has been attendance, which has averaged at about 95 per cent.

“The whole season has just been phenomenal. People have embraced the idea of a season called `Portraits of Women,’” says GCTC General Manager Jane Gardner, referring to the 1997-98 lineup.
Sandra Steinhause, a patron of the theatre, agrees. read more

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Kids’ club gets new gym floor

By Linda Ip

Members of a local Boys and Girls Club expect to put old sneakers to good use this summer, thanks to a $50,000 donation from Nike and the Toronto Raptors basketball team.

The Fred C. McCann club on McArthur Avenue will receive a new, rubberized gym floor made with materials from recycled shoes. The floor replacement campaign is part of the Reuse-A-Shoe program headed by Nike and the Toronto Raptors. The two enterprises plan to provide new floors for Boys and Girls Clubs across Ontario. read more

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