One Last Ride

Ottawa loses piece of history as last manual
elevator closes down

By Vicki Newton

It takes only a second for Peter Hamil to remove the bar holding the door to Ottawa’s last manually operated elevator open and swiftly escort his passengers inside.

Hamil steers the closet-sized elevator with a lever. It holds up to five people with nothing but a cage-like door stretched across the frame. The 80-year-old elevator shoots up quickly past the floors. read more

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Local bands need more support

By Spencer Ferron-Tripp

Most bands have to be seen to be heard. And the best place to be seen is in a live music venue.

But what if the fans don’t show? It’s a problem faced by many venues and bands, because music fans like to get their money’s worth. More often than not, that means hanging on to their hard-earned dollar if an unknown band takes the stage. read more

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