New money gets industry rolling

By Paul Pimentel

A local film association is setting up an office to attract multi-million dollar film and television productions to Ottawa, which could have a major economic impact on Centretown businesses.

“I think that Ottawa’s perched on the edge of a boom in the entertainment industry,” says Barbara Jordan, a local producer. “I think it will have a serious economic impact on the region.” read more

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Focus on Older People

By Jane Gates

It’s the International Year of Older Persons, and we are being encouraged to try to break down intergenerational barriers between young and old people.

Oops — that’s older people.

But what does it mean to be an older person these days? It certainly doesn’t have the same meaning it did at the beginning of the century — for that matter, even in the middle. And it most certainly will not have the same meaning in another 50 years. read more

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