Millennium column: Corporate X-file

I am writing this letter in response to Jen Ross’ article “Y2K conspiracy theory: The bug is a plot to boost business.”

As an information systems professional since 1980, Ms. Ross’ article reads like some kind of corporate X-File. Perhaps she is misinformed and needs to understand a number of facts about computer systems and programs developed over the past 30 years. She claims it is “hard to believe, even in the 1970s, that programmers could have innocently overlooked the possibility that computers with two-digit year codes would go haywire in 2000.” read more

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Make surveys public

It’s always nice when the government decides to consult the people on important issues. We’re all in favour of responsive, accountable leadership.

But when the white knights of government go to all the trouble and expense to commission gaggles of tele-surveyers, reams of mail-outs and extensive public consultations, results aren’t just a desired effect — they’re an absolute necessity. read more

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