Private life, public art

By Laura Copeland

The public and private spheres may be a common idea in contemporary art, but Cheryl Pagurek takes them to a new level.

Using images taken from print and TV news, Pagurek layers, folds, glues and even sews these photographs into three-dimensional models of things found in the home, such as a crib or a kitchen sink. In this way she combines the public sphere of the media images with the private sphere of the domestic. The title of each work refers to a specific date with the object’s name in brackets. One piece is entitled April 21 (diaper shirt). read more

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ArtsSmarts helps local kids

By Kelly Leydier

Students at Elgin Street Public School and Lisgar Collegiate are about to find out that art can make them smart.

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Ottawa-Carleton, students will be working with musical and creative movement specialists, Artists at Hand, to produce a series of vignettes to tell Ottawa’s history. read more

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