Cutting men’s football to boost women’s athletics ‘discriminatory,’ says coach

By Jon Filson

One thing is for sure: there will be no women’s football at Carleton University next year.

But right now everything else is still up in the air. University president Richard Van Loon will decide in mid-February on director of athletics Drew Love’s recommendations. Among the changes being considered: axing football entirely and giving more money to women’s athletics than men’s. read more

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Local skater taking championship risks

By Sandra Lewrey

In the high-pressure world of competitive sports, there is an unspoken belief that athletes who haven’t “made it” by the time they’re 20 years old won’t make it at all.

Derek Schmidt, 24, hopes to lay that theory to rest.

Schmidt, an Ottawa resident, has been figure skating for 15 years and competing at the senior level for three. In a sport typically reserved for teenagers, it’s rare to find skaters like Schmidt who have not fared well at the amateur level still competing past their 20s. read more

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