Ex-Riders fans: Where Are You?

Column: The Sports Beat

By Travis Brine

Here’s a question for all Ottawa football fans: Where have you all disappeared to?

It’s been one year now since the era of the Ottawa Rough Riders collapsed and local football fans have now faded away. Last year at this time, fans in Ottawa came out of the closet proclaiming their love for the Riders and stressing the team’s importance to the city. read more

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Volleyball played with a twist

Sri Lankan group brings a sport called overgame to Centretown streets

By Jason Ramey

Perhaps you have seen them playing it before. If you have, you’ve probably wondered what they’re doing.
They play at the corner of Kent and Catherine streets across from the bus terminal.

The game looks like volleyball, it sounds like volleyball, but it’s not volleyball. There’s something slightly different about this sport. read more

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