The government has a tough selling job ahead

By Jaimes Raiswell

If a good salesman, as the saying goes, is one who can sell an icebox to an Inuit, what kind of salesman does it take to sell nuclear waste to the general public?

For the federal government, which has about one million used Candu fuel bundles for sale (roughly enough nuclear waste to fill three hockey rinks to the top of the boards), the trick isn’t going to be what kind of salesman they have to recruit, but how that salesman will flog a product no one seems to want. read more

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Letters for March 26, 1999

Arnold should leave city council

It has recently come to my attention that Somerset City Coun. Elisabeth Arnold has won the NDP nomination for the upcoming provincial election in Ottawa Centre. What I find somewhat odd is that she has decided to remain as the councillor for Centretown at the same time as she will be campaigning for the provincial election. read more

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