Letters for January 22, 1999

Comments ‘taken out of context’

Daniel Huot interviewed me in late November. While I agree with the general thrust of the resulting article (“Canadian trade hurt by Asian crisis,” Centretown News, Dec. 4, 1998) and applaud your paper’s effort to inform its reader on this important issue, there are some corrections I would like to make, for the record. read more

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School boards ‘chicken’

The ostrich called the school boards of Ottawa-Carleton finally took its head out of the sands of denial this week. It’s about time.

The chairs of the four school boards met with local politicians earlier this month in order to draft a school-funding program that would better serve the region than the plan proposed by the provincial Tories. Rather than the 100-per-cent usage of school space proposed by the education ministry, the working group wants schools to operate at about 80- or 90-per-cent capacity. read more

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