Letters for February 20, 1998

Patten’s bill ‘misunderstood’

I am writing concerning your Jan. 23 article, editorial and cartoon about Richard Patten’s bill to amend the Ontario Mental Health Act.

Your editorial and cartoon demonstrate a serious lack of understanding of the issues which society in general, and families and friends face while dealing with individuals suffering from a major mental illness such as schizophrenia. read more

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Claptrap short on applause

By Amber Mything
Actors have often been described as being a breed apart. Well, as Tom Wood shows us in his play Claptrap, they also inhabit their own universe.

Set in the fictional town of Oslo, Ont., Claptrap takes a satirical look at a company of actors performing at a major summer theatre festival called the “Ibsen Festival,” named after Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. read more

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