What’s old is new again. . .

By Meredith Dundas
Alfonso Cuaron’s film Great Expectations probably won’t help students pass their English exams but it may inspire them to enjoy classic literature.

The producers and directors of Great Expectations have taken the liberty of changing the books to suit today’s setting — and that can be a tricky thing to do without losing the appeal of the original story. read more

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‘Blood-and-guts’ not always ugly

By KateLynn Savidan

There is a new form of violence emerging in mainstream Hollywood cinema.

A veritable ballet of blood, this new violence is a far cry from that made popular by Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. It is a controlled carnage, a highly choreographed dance of bullets, blood and death, where bodies and bullets fly gracefully and stylized through the air. read more

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Glashan hosts tourney delayed by ice storm

By Alison Martin
Winterlude wasn’t the only tradition “served” up in Ottawa on the first weekend of February. The 16th Glashan Girls’ Invitational Volleyball Tournament (also called the Eastern Ontario Invitational) ran Feb. 4 to 7.

The tournament was originally to take place Jan. 14-17, but was re-scheduled due to the ice storm.
Teams from Ontario and Quebec compete in three divisions of varying calibre. In total, over 600 girls on 50 teams entered the round-robin tournament. Team expenses were $65 per registered team plus accomodation and travel costs. read more

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