Beaver Boxing Club: Boxing in the basement

Despite its iconic status, the non-profit Beaver Boxing Club is surprisingly unassuming. Down worn steps and behind the twin windowless doors of a brick building on Spruce Street, Ottawa's oldest boxing gym is easily missed by those who aren't looking for it. After 69 years in the ring, the club's punching power still makes it a contender on Canada's national boxing stage.

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The Ottawa Tea Festival

Nick Ashdown

Kyoko Tsunetomi pours boiling water into a cup of green tea during chado, a Japanese tea ceremony, at the Ottawa Tea Festival.

Ottawa's tea aficionados were in full force at the second annual Ottawa Tea Festival on December 1. Festival organizer Kimi Uriu aims to showcase culture through tea, and the festival was attended not only by tea sellers, but foreign diplomatic missions, Indian and Sri Lankan dancers, and Japanese tea ceremony practitioners. read more

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