Protecting innocence

By Lindsey Parry

When Suzanne Banks’ nine-year-old son was paired with a Big Brother, she quickly noticed changes in his self-esteem.

“Right away, he thrived on it,” she says. “He’d never had a confident male role model. He really wanted to find his male identity. Now, that’s not an issue.” read more

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The Kids Beat

By Jon Filson

The real threat to kids today is chairs. Ontario’s chief coroner Dr. James Cairns has declared that chairs — old reclining chairs to be exact — are dangerous to kids. He’s concerned that young children can get their heads caught in the space between the footrest and the seat and suffocate. read more

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Sex education is now part of many kindergartens

Lily Nguyen

“You can’t guarantee a child is safe anywhere.”

For Barbara Wright, principal of Cambridge Street Community Public School, that’s why it’s important to teach children about adults who wish to harm them. From as young as kindergarten age, the children are taught a few simple phrases in case someone tries to touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable: “Feeling yes, feeling no.” “No, go tell.” read more

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