More help for homeless

I am writing to congratulate your paper on the wonderful series of articles that were written about homelessness in your Dec. 4 edition. I feel Andrea Myland, Chandra Price, Joe Boulé and Bonnie Van Toen reported the issue and the need for government support very factually.

I agree with Ms. Van Toen that Options Bytown is an important resource in our community to help solve the homelessness problem. Nevertheless, I wanted to make you aware that our organization is also a supportive non-profit housing resource. Our name is Daybreak Non-Profit Housing. We have four homes located in the downtown core of Ottawa. We are community housing with rent that is geared to each person’s income. We provide permanent housing for up to 35 single men and women. Many of the tenants are coping with a history of drug abuse and/or mental illness. Also, many people who come to live at Daybreak were homeless prior to applying for our housing.

The purpose of this letter is to praise the exposure your paper has given to the homelessness issue while hoping to introduce you to our services.

Nathalie Rainville

Housing Officer, Daybreak Housing