Success sweet for Nectar

Local band’s rock ‘n’ roll dream is quickly becoming a reality

By P.C. Pethick

The four band members of Nectar are having a sweet time while their ambrosial sound speeds them to the top of the Ottawa music scene.

With super-tight cohesion and intricately driven bass lines, Nectar came crashing into the lime light at Barrymore’s Music Hall in early November. It was the foursome’s first head-line show at the coveted Centretown venue. read more

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Letters for December 5, 1997

Shock Jock —
Radio Messiah?

The Radio Messiah has arrived! Howard Stern, he of the New Holy City of New York, is finally spreading his good word in Canada. (Oct. 20, “Shock Jock Rocks Canada”) And it’s about time! I was getting sick and tired of stations like CBC and personalities like Peter Gzowski who were treating me like an intelligent human being. read more

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New game has bowlers glowing

Kent Street bowling alley brings glowing game to Centretown

By Julie Delaney

Kathleen Kerrigan stands at the foul line of lane five watching a glowing pink ball roll down a 60-foot stretch of what looks like motionless violet-blue water.


She quickly turns around to face her friends, her toothy celebration smile glows while she dances to Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” playing on the sound system. read more

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