Enforcement key to improved poster bylaw

By Mark Kuiack

The region just improved its postering bylaw, and now Centretown residents want their councillors to improve the way it’s enforced.

Last month, Ottawa-Carleton plugged a loophole in its signs bylaw because it was open for abuse.
The original bylaw allowed only one poster advertising “the same information” per utility pole. Some businesses used different colours and wording to get around the rule. read more

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Pink line just won’t wash off

By Rawlson King

A pink line along Bank Street and Laurier Avenue West won’t be removed despite a promise it would disappear within three weeks.

The line marked the parade route for about 10,000 people who took part in Ottawa gay pride festivities in early July.

Yvon Vaillant, a chief organizer of the parade, was quoted as saying the paint had a vegetable oil base and would disappear in about three weeks, depending on weather and traffic conditions. read more

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Ministry study is next stop for light-rail system

By Joe Boulé

A future light rail system is still far from a sure thing, despite numerous published news reports.

Regional council voted on Sept. 9 to initiate the second phase of the pilot project. Successful negotiations with the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and approval from the Ministry of Environment are now the main concerns if the region wants to have commuter rail in place for the year 2000. read more

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Lisgar students cope with work-to-rule

By Melanie Richmond

The dispute between the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and the Ontario government has some teachers cancelling activities and students sitting on the sidelines.

Lisgar Collegiate, like other schools across Ontario, has prevented all extracurricular activities from beginning. Class trips and activities required as part of a course are being continued. read more

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