Letters for October 23, 1998

I am writing to follow up on the report and associated editorial on comments attributed to Mac Harb on the NCC’s vision for downtown Ottawa/Hull in your Oct. 9 issue.

. . . I was at the same meeting as your reporter and thought it would be useful to let your readers know that the comments attributed to Mac Harb are not what I heard at the meeting. read more

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Teach or train?

When corporations reach out with fists full of money and seek partnerships with our public
education system, we should beware of Chaucer’s smile that hides the knife.

Cisco Systems Canada, which had $7.2 billion in revenue last year, has just secured a partnership with the Ottawa-Carleton School Board to train students for two to three years in computer networking. Cisco will train the teachers and provide the computer labs. The students get a certificate and a chance to work in the United States right out of high school. read more

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