Y2K conspiracy theory: The bug is a plot to boost business

By Jen Ross

The Y2K bug is a boon for business. As the world spends an estimated $2 trillion fixing it, one wonders if the so-called blunder was entirely accidental.

Here’s my theory: The Y2K bug is part of a plot to boost business both by forcing people to upgrade or replace computers and electronics and instill fear, prompting consumers to buy freeze-dried goodies, generators and a whole array of things they wouldn’t otherwise need. read more

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Decking the malls may not have made registers sing

By Michael Bassett

Some Sparks Street Mall merchants are reporting higher Christmas sales for 1998, but opinions are mixed as to whether the malls experiment with new Christmas decorations was behind the boost in business.

All eight Sparks Street Mall businesses surveyed reported sales were up this December and Peter Harris, Sparks Street Mall manager, said although management does not collect sales data from the merchants, he has been told that sales are up along the mall this year. read more

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