Letters for 23, 2001

Clarifying Kent traffic calming

I want to take this opportunity to clarify some information presented in your article on Kent St. in the January 26th, 2001 edition of Centretown News.

The article lacks any of the history of the project, which included months of public consultation to discuss the needs and concerns of the community, while maintaining the pre-construction traffic capacity on Kent Street. The modifications resulted from a study commissioned by the former City of Ottawa and Region of Ottawa-Carleton, undertaken to develop a traffic-calming plan for Centretown. After an extensive public consultation process, a final design was developed and approved by the Region’s Transportation Committee and adopted by Regional Council last May. read more

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Mac Harb and the clones

Ottawa’s housing shortage is victimizing an already vulnerable group in Canadian society. When most people think about the poor, pictures of elderly women don’t usually spring to mind. But in fact, it’s a misguided image because elderly women are over- represented among Canada’s elderly poor.

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