Letters for March 29, 2002

Lingering patrons a problem

As a resident of Elgin Street since March 1999, I was interested to learn from your March 15 article, “Complaints surprise bar owners,” that some bar/restaurant owners on Elgin Street “had no idea that residents were so upset.”

While I agree that “people moving into the area should be quite aware that there are a number of bars and restaurants and that there are times it’s going to be a little loud,” my particular concern about noise is the “3 a.m rush-hour traffic” that dramatically increased and became quite constant during the summer of 2001. In my view, the recent increase in noise complaints have more to do with the increase in the numbers of people lingering after bar hours and the lack of respect some bar patrons show our neighbourhood, which includes a children’s park and a schoolyard, and less with the establishments mentioned in your article. read more

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