New data from the Angus Reid Institute (ARI) shows Canadians remain concerned about the cost of living, despite inflation stabilizing. 

Some 60 per cent of those surveyed rate inflation a top concern. 

The poll shows 32 per cent of those surveyed are considered “Struggling” on the ARI Economic Stress Index which analyzes financial indicators and measures economic stress. This is an increase from last year.

The index has four categories: struggling, uncomfortable, comfortable and thriving.

Some 44 per cent say they are struggling with housing costs and 44 per cent of homeowners with a mortgage say they are having difficulty keeping up with housing prices, as are 56 per cent of renters. 

The size of the comfortable cohort has decreased from 29 per cent in 2022 to 23 per cent today.

Canadians are also reporting concerns about prices for groceries. 

The poll found 87 per cent saying they have noticed an increase in produce and meat costs and 80 per cent have perceived an increase in dairy prices.

These increases have left Canadians pessimistic about the future with 39 per cent expecting their financial difficulties to continue, and 34 per cent predicting things will only get worse.