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Category: Environment

A woman photographed from the bottom of a rock face who is climbing up.

In climbing, a push to change derogatory route names is underway

For the voice of each man pretending offensive climbing route names are not a problem, there are plenty of others that buoy the need for a widespread effort to change the names of climbing routes across North America. After a broader reckoning with how we name monuments to problematic historical figures, change is coming to both online and physical guidebooks thanks in part to women organizing and pushing for change.

Dead birds at the annual bird collision display, held at the Ottawa City Hall.

Ottawa finally considers bird-friendly building guidelines 15 years after Toronto, Vancouver

Ottawa City Council is set to approve guidelines for protecting birds, almost 15 years after Toronto and Vancouver adopted their own. This move comes one year after a 2019 report by the U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative showed a 30 per cent decline in populations across North America. It’s estimated that 1 billion birds die per year as a result of humans, with collisions being the second largest human-related causes of death besides pet cats.