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Author: Nicky Shaw


Rise in workplace injuries indicates trouble for healthcare workers in Ontario, WSIB data finds

An analysis of data from the Ontario Workplace Safety Insurance Board obtained through a freedom-of-information request indicates trouble for healthcare workplace safety as the number of accepted workplace compensation claims for healthcare workers jumped more than 60 per cent between 2020 and 2022. This is the most significant increase among all occupations that made claims during the same period.


Expanding services across the city may help ease ByWard Market’s overdose crisis, advocates say

Advocates for local addiction programs have raised concerns that clustered shelters and social services in ByWard Market may pose more harm than good for those living with substance use disorders. Alongside these concerns, they call for the city to spread these facilities more across the municipality to address the current overdose crisis better.

A tall tree lies on the grass of Wells' yard next to a green fence. Its roots are visible to those looking on, and layers of the ground are left torn up from the hurricane next to it. The destruction occurred during the night.
Climate Change

Feeling the heat: Are Canadian doctors ready for the rising tide of eco-anxiety?

Amid soaring rates of eco-anxiety driven by climate change, Canadian health-care professionals have been pushing for more support in addressing this new mental-health challenge. A growing number are also calling for a significant rethink of how medical education is delivered, arguing that the new field of “planetary health” should be an integral part of medical training and residencies – a measure many medical schools have recently adopted.