In a series of short profiles, Capital Current introduces some of the people working hard to improve life in Ottawa.

Who is she?

Sam Laprade, a 52-year-old veteran radio and television show host, received the Order of Ottawa medal from Mayor Mark Sutcliffe at city hall on Nov. 16, as one of 15 inductees.

What’s her background?

Laprade was born in Oshawa, spent most of her childhood in Deep River, then moved to Ottawa as a teenager. She graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in media relations and started her career at CBC radio and television before moving to other media roles. She is a single mom to a teenage daughter and owns two labradoodles. 

Laprade has also fundraised and managed events for non-profit organizations such as The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Ottawa Humane Society and The Ottawa Mission. She received the Algonquin College Alumni of Distinction Award for Creative Arts last year. 

What is she known for in Ottawa?

Laprade hosts the Rogers television show “An Hour to Give” in which she interviews prominent people and non-profit organizations. The show celebrated five years this past June. She also hosted “The Sam Laprade Show” on CityNews 1310 radio, which aired its last episode on Oct. 25. She and others were laid off by CityNews that week.

“It’s been a pleasure and an honour to serve in this way,” Laprade said about her show.

What do others say about her?

 Laprade “infuses humour and passion into everything she does,” according to a description of her on the Algonquin College website which adds, “she dove head first into the world of fundraising.” 

What’s something people don’t know about her?

Laprade said she travelled to Ottawa with her mom as a child, where her grandparents listened to talk radio. Laprade heard men speak but never heard women; this led her to want to be a woman in radio and television journalism like her idol Barbara Frum.

After “The Sam Laprade show” was cut by CityNews, more than 700 people wrote to her, and she replied to every email.