As the City of Ottawa basks under warm weather this fall, the residents are out and about enjoying the community. People often visit farmers’ markets as a way to see their neighbours and enjoy the fruits of the harvest. Capital Current photojournalist Ella Milloy joined the shoppers recently to capture to ambience of the season.

Lady going to place maple syrup bottle on table.
Rosalie Reynolds arrived at 8:30 a.m. to run Paul Smith’s maple syrup booth at the Westboro Farmers’ Market. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Man in hat takes money from person.
Stewart Oke weighs some vegetables while helping a customer complete a purchase at the Rooted Oak Organic Farm booth at the Westboro market. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Two women look at boxes of potatoes and carrots on table.
Two customers check out some root vegetables at the Westboro Farmers’ Market. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Lady carrying vegetables in bag walks through crowd at farmer's market.
The Lansdowne Farmers’ Market was held outside every Sunday from May to October before moving inside the Aberdeen Pavilion for the winter. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
A man dancing with little girl in front of a violinist and a guitar player.
Al Isler dances with Hazle Isler-Delaye as performers play music outside of the Aberdeen Pavilion at the Lansdowne Farmers’ Market. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Man looks at older man who is speaking at a farmer's market booth covered in apples.
Father and son Tony and Woody Mccadden converse with customers while working at the Barkley’s Orchard booth at Lansdowne. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Little girl in pink coat looks at giant pumpkin.
Some of the pumpkins on display at the Byward Market grew to the same height as a curious child. [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Two ladies pose and take pictures of a dog on a giant pumpkin.
The giant pumpkins at the Byward Market were useful for pet photo ops! [Photo © Ella Milloy]
Two blurry people walk by painted business window that reads Happy Thanksgiving.
Many local businesses throughout the Byward Market, like Saslove’s Meat Market, celebrated the Thanksgiving long weekend with festive window art. [Photo © Ella Milloy]