Thousands gathered in front of Parliament Hill Friday afternoon to protest racism in Canadian society. The crowd, estimated by police at about 7,000, then peacefully marched to the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights monument, near Ottawa City Hall. The No Peace Until Justice march organizers said the event was a protest against police brutality and a response to the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died May 25 in Minneapolis. Floyd died during an arrest by police officers, one of whom put a knee on his neck. Protests sparked by Floyd’s death have been happening across the U.S., Canada and around the world since. These are some of the scenes from Friday’s protest in Ottawa.

A sign reads "Black lives matter!!" next to buckets filled with water bottles.
At the corner of Metcalfe and Lisgar streets, a station had been set up for protest participants to pick up a free water bottle. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Police officers patrolling an empty intersection.
Police officers gathered at the corner of Metcalfe and Sparks streets before to the protest started Friday afternoon. They patrolled the area that would soon attract thousands of people. [Photo © Eden Suh]
A protestor holds a sign that reads "Canada: listen to people of colour, re-imagine policing (and everything else!), policy changes for justice and equal treatment" in front of the parliament buildings
A woman carrying a sign urging Canadians to “LISTEN to People of Colour” joins the growing crowd moving towards Parliament Hill. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Volunteers hand out water to protestors in a tent set outside the parliament buildings.
Volunteers at a water station set up near the Parliament Buildings provide refreshment to protesters. The weather was sunny with a high of 29 degrees. [Photo © Eden Suh]
A woman shades her face with a cardboard sign that reads "racism is a pandemic."
A woman shades her face against the scorching sun using her handmade sign. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Two women stand with the backs to the camera listening to an off-camera speaker.
Two women at the gate to Parliament Hill listen to a speaker. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Protestors kneel on Parliament Hill.
Protestors knelt at the request of a speaker, observing a moment of silence. The only sound heard was a distant wind chime. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Protestors in masks face the parliament building. One holds a sign which reads "silence is violence."
At the height of the demonstration, a protestor equates silence with violence. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Police officers watch over crowds of protestors
Two police officers stand near the gates of Parliament Hill as they watch over the protest. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Thousands of protestors march down Wellington Street.
Thousands exited Parliament Hill and marched down Wellington Street en route to the Human Rights Monument on Elgin Street. [Photo © Eden Suh]
Thousands of protestors walk down Wellington Street.
People continue marching down Elgin Street before gathering again near city hall. [Photo © Eden Suh]
A sign that says "Black Lives Matter" leans against a brick wall as someone is pictured standing beside it.
A protestor pauses and rests her sign against the wall of a building. [Photo © Eden Suh]