Expect clear skies with a high temperature of 11C today, Environment Canada says, with the low tonight under clear skies of -1C.

Demand for AstraZeneca outstripping supply

With demand far outstripping supply for the AstraZeneca vaccine, the only one pharmacies have been administering in Ontario, wait lists in Ottawa are filling up, while some pharmacies have been forced to cancel appointments, CBC reports.

Health workers from Newfoundland heading to Ontario

Health-care workers from Newfoundland and Labrador are expected to head to Ontario Tuesday to help relieve a system buckling under the weight of a brutal third wave of COVID-19. CBC has more.

Memorial grows for slain harm reduction worker

A memorial continues to grow at an intersection in Ottawa’s Chinatown neighbourhood, as the community mourns the death of harm reduction worker Carl Reinboth. CTV reports.

The COVID surge may have passed peak, experts say

Experts say there’s reason for optimism that Ottawa’s COVID-19 surge may be peaking, CTV reports. “Early indications are that we are starting to decline. We have that magic R number below 1, for about a week, so early indications are that we’re headed in the right direction,” said Dr. Doug Manuel, a Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital and member of Ontario’s Science Advisory Table. 

Cottage crunch hits Eastern Ontario

Sky-high prices, limited inventory, bidding wars is a story playing out in cottage country across Eastern Ontario and in recreational markets around the country, the Ottawa Citizen reports.