It seems everything is being drastically changed by COVID-19. In this newscast, we look at how COVID-19 has affected dreams, therapy and wellness. And, for a break from COVID-19 news, we look at freedom of speech in university lecture halls and tree-planting in Canada’s forests.

COVID Impact 2020 is a human-interest podcast that touches on the ongoing pandemic and its impact on different communities across Ontario.

Episode produced by

  • Senior Editor:  Talar Stockton 
  • Copy Editors: Preslea Normand and Austin Steeves 
  • Audio Editor: Sedanah Qwai
  • Hosts: Aaliyah Ngoy and Talar Stockton
  • Reporting: Aaliyah Ngoy, Preslea Normand, Sedanah Qwai, Austin Steeves and Talar Stockton