As Canada Day celebrations go virtual this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, reporters at the Capital Current gathered photos of their favourite places. This collection provides a glimpse into the diverse and gorgeous geography Canada has to offer.

Peruse the photos and stories below and think about your favourite places across the country.

Babstocks Lane – Town of Happy Adventure, Eastport, Newfoundland [Photo © Hannah Rivkin]

A decade ago, my parents bought this cottage, right on the water, at the end of a lane in a small town in rural Newfoundland. Every night, my parents go outside, stand on the porch, and say into the day’s setting sun, “How did we get so lucky?” This place will always be my favourite place on earth. I’ll always feel lucky to smell the ocean and experience the clean quiet of the salty seaside country air.

Hannah Rivkin

Silver Star Mountain, British Columbia [Photo © Emily Sherwood]

Growing up, I spent a lot of my time at Silver Star, and being nestled amongst the trees and snow was such a magical feeling. The trees seemed to hold onto all of my wildest dreams and there was something so peaceful about being there. It truly felt like my own piece of the world where sight lines extended over valleys and mountains, stretching to places I had never been. It represented a world of possibility and, yet, more than anything, it felt like home.

Katharine Sherwood

Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia [Photo © Raylene Lung]

This little inlet is where my uncle has a fisherman’s cottage. My family and I go every summer and it’s one of my favourite places. The sunsets are something miraculous.

Raylene Lung

Algonquin Park, Ontario [Photo courtesy of Julia Paulson]

Algonquin Park will always be my favourite place in the world. My family camped there almost every summer growing up. In my mind, nothing can beat waking up in the morning to the sound of the forest and the feel of the breeze coming off the lake. If you’re ever looking for a good beginner’s canoe trip, check out the Barron Canyon!

Julia Paulson

Polly’s Cove, Nova Scotia [Photo © Siena Domaradzki-Kim]

I couldn’t choose between the coasts. Water and mountains are important to me, and Polly’s Cove and Kananaskis couldn’t exemplify those more. The two places are totally different, yet make me equally as happy

Siena Domaradzki-Kim
Kananaskis, Alberta in the Rocky Mountains [Photo © Siena Domaradzki-Kim]

Toronto, Ontario [Photo © Kevin O’Rourke McColl]

I love Humber Bay Park in Toronto. It’s a beautiful park with a great view of the downtown skyline.

Kevin O’Rourke McColl

Lake Louise, Alberta [Photo © Raylene Lung]

 I try to travel to the mountains as much as possible, because I can’t live without looking at them. Lake Louise has teal-coloured water and beautiful peaks that are so perfect they resemble a painting.

Raylene Lung

Tofino, British Columbia [Photo © Emily Sherwood]

I visited Tofino for the first time as a little girl and I instantly fell in love with the temperamental ocean and the rugged coastline. I remember listening to the pounding rain and the sound of my mother’s voice as she passionately described the creatures in the tidal pools. I have returned a few times since and every time I leave, I know that someday soon I will be back.

Katharine Sherwood