Nearly 15,000 gathered on the grounds of the Alberta legislature in Edmonton Friday evening for a Black Lives Matter protest. Organizers said the Fight for Equity rally aimed to spark awareness and conversation about racism, inequality in the justice system and police brutality. Here are some of the signs and scenes from the mass demonstration, along with audio clips capturing some of the voices of the rally.

Homemade signs popped up everywhere in the crowd across the legislature grounds. [Photo © Raylene Lung]
One protester raises a sign adorned with bits of coloured paper. [Photo © Raylene Lung]
The “Silence is violence” message was seen often at the rally, an appeal for everyone to call out racism — or face the truth that not speaking up reinforces the problem. [Photo © Raylene Lung]

A simple cardboard sign makes a bold statement. [Photo © Raylene Lung]
The pink sign commemorates Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman killed during a police raid in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13. Questions continue over what happened that day. [Photo © Raylene Lung]
“The real power is out here!” Sounds from outside the Alberta legislature during the Fight for Equity rally on June 5.