By Grace McGrenere and Hartley Witten

Emilie Coyle is tired of the status quo at Ottawa City Hall. As the only female candidate in the race for College Ward, she understands the struggles women face in Canadian politics, where men outnumber women. The mother of two has found herself increasingly busy with her campaign. However, so are the people she hopes to represent. Coyle relies on the support of family and friends to get through these hectic, but rewarding days.

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“Without a seat at the table where decisions are being made, it is really hard to get change done. I wanted to become involved because I feel my values and ethics will be helpful to the people that I represent.” This is Coyle’s first run for public office. [Photo © Grace McGrenere]
Ezra Trider (left), Isaiah Trider, and Emma Halpern walk through the Bells Corners Animal Hospital’s annual barbecue while sporting Emilie Coyle campaign volunteer shirts. [Photo © Grace McGrenere]
Emilie Coyle’s husband, Adam, has been supporting Emilie.”I have a really, really helpful and kind partner, who encourages me constantly to do continue to do this work. When I say to him, ‘How are we doing? Do you need any help?’, he says ‘Come on, just go do it. This is what you were meant to do’,” says Coyle. [Photo © Grace McGrenere]
Emilie Coyle meets with campaign team Jillian Leblanc (left), Charlie Brenchley (centre), and Darryl Hol (right) at CityView Harvest Fair on Sept. 16. [Photo © Grace McGrenere]
Emilie Coyle during an afternoon door-knocking session. [Photo © Hartley Witten]
Sometimes there is no one home so Coyle leaves some campaign literature in a mailbox. Her campaign is focussed on increasing community consultation and involvement. Coyle promises to host regular town halls and to respond to social media questions within 48 hours. She also wants to create a Youth Advisory Council. [Photo © Hartley Witten]
Emilie Coyle campaign volunteer Jillian Leblanc hands out some campaign
literature. [Photo © Hartley Witten] 
Coyle spends a lot of time on the phone with her campaign staff. [Photo © Hartley Witten]
Emilie Coyle explains her platform to College Ward homeowner, Myron Steves. “When you’re running, you often feel as a though you’re not good enough, and that your skills aren’t the kinds of skills necessary to do the job,” says Coyle. Her experience as a human rights lawyer and director of numerous community organizations, she believes, have prepared her well to serve on council. [Photo © Grace McGrenere]
Emilie Coyle enjoying the sunshine while door knocking. “If I can have a seat at that table, then I can really make the change.”[Photo © Hartley Witten]