The Rideau station is one of three underground stations on the 12.5 km route of OC Transpo’s new LRT Confederation Line. The station is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa with the Byward Market, the Rideau Centre, and Parliament Hill minutes away.

Some 456 days late, the public finally got to ride the $2.1 billion light rail line to on Sept. 14.

Rush hour has been the biggest test of the new line and although there have been small wrinkles to start, reviews of the LRT have indicated that the city’s train is effectively delivering commuters to and from both work and school. Capital Current decided to take a close up look at Rideau Station. Here is what we found:

outside the rideau LRT station entrance
This is the entrance to the Rideau station on William Street. The Rideau station is located close to many bars and attractions in the Byward Market area. [Photo © Ingrid Mutoni ]
LRT stops here sign outside of the Highland Pub entrance of the Rideau LRT station
A sign outside the Highland Pub encourages commuters to come in for a dram of whisky while waiting for the O-Train. Businesses near stations are expected to benefit.
[ Photo © Kayla Christoffer]
man approaches the escalators at the Rideau Centre entrance of the LRT
Commuters can reach Rideau station from inside the Rideau Centre, making it easily accessible to shoppers. The Confederation line is just the first phase in Ottawa’s train plans.
[Photo © Kayla Christoffer ]
the up and down escalators at the Rideau LRT station
Commuters ride the escalators to and from the train at the Rideau station. It is one of three underground stations along with Lyon and Parliament stations. [ Photo © Kayla Christoffer ]
Paintings on display at the rideau LRT station
A collage of paintings is displayed at Rideau station. Each of the 13 stations are represented through the paintings. [Photo © Ingrid Mutoni]
a worker at the train station explains something
“We’ve had mostly positive comments so far. We keep hearing little things about the signs not being clear or the escalators going the wrong way,” says Marc Adams, one of the many city information guides at the station. They help ease the switch to the train.
[Photo © Ingrid Mutoni]

It’s not all smooth. If Morgan Connelly wants to take the train she has transfer at Tunney’s Pasture instead of taking a direct bus downtown. The opening of the LRT will mean reduced bus routes and more transfers for some. [Photo © Ingrid Mutoni]

Two travellers look at the map of the Confederation line and the many bus connections. The real test of the LRT system will come on Oct. 6, when new bus routes begin. [Photo © Kayla Christoffer]

“I’m sure it’s going to be a pain in the winter coming all the way from Barrhaven”

Morgan Connely
man walks towards the elevators in the train station
A businessman walks towards the elevator that goes down to the track. Rideau station is filled with tourists seeking sites and commuters headed home. [Photo © Kayla Christoffer]
commuters walking through the gates of the LRT
Commuters push through turnstiles to access the tracks. [ Photo © Kayla Christoffer]
commuters about to get on the train
Commuters come and go from the O-Train after a busy work day. Minor delays on the first Monday didn’t appear to dampen excitement for the system. [Photo © Kayla Christoffer]